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Shingle Recycling in Muskegon and Surrounding Communities


Here at Mobile Haulaway Dumpsters, we view asphalt shingles as a renewable asset. Shingles are just too valuable to be discarded in the landfill. Keeping shingles out of the landfill reduces the waste stream and promotes a healthier enviroment. We are an DEQ designated site for shingle recycling in West Michigan. The shingles we collect at our recycling center in Muskegon are then processed and added to asphalt to go back into roads, or they may be burned as an alternative energy source.
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Dumpsters for roofing is our specialty. We are the leading supplier of roofing dumpsters in the West Michigan area. Contractors and home owners alike have come to trust our service, pricing, and recycling initiative. Call Mobile Haulaway Dumpsters, LLC at 616-402-7878 for a free quote.